Here's a colection of documentation on the CMS silicon systems.

Module Components


Sensor design for the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker L. Borello, E. Focardi, A. Macchiolo, A. Messineo (October 5, 2002) Investigations of operating scenarios for the sensors of the CMS silicon tracker E. Milgliore (May 18, 2001)


Status of Hybrid Qualification and Tender Goerlach (April 3 2003) FE hybrid Status J. Berst (Jan, 29 2003) Chip 1 & 2 bonding diagrams Chip 3 & 4 bonding diagrams Chip 5 & 6 bonding diagrams Hybrid Layer Masks for preproduction flex on ceramic (December 2002) Hybrid Electrical Schematics for preproduction flex on ceramic (December 2002) Hybrid Layer Masks for ceramic prototype (July 2002) Hybrid Electrical Schematics for ceramic prototype (July 2002) Hybrid Layer Masks (July 2001) Hybrid Electrical Schematics (January 2001) Front-End Hybrids for the CMS Silicon Tracker Goerlach(September 2002)

Biasing Scheme

Safe Biasing R. Hammarstrom (Nov 2001) Shows default biasing and ground scheme pinholes safe biasing R. Hammarstrom (Dec 2001) Shows pinhole safe biasing scheme. Add voltage divider on hybrid and extra external power supply in order to control the p-side bias (relative to chip common mode point)

Hybrid Components

APV25 User Guide (V2.2) L. Jones(September 5, 2001) Module studies at IC M. Raymond (October, 2001) Explains on-chip "common mode subtraction" A novel technique for fast pulse-shaping using a slow amplifier at LHC N. Bingefors, et. al. (1993) Explains how deconvolution mode works. The deconvolution method of fast pulse shaping at hadron colliders S. Gadomski, et. al. (1992) Explains how deconvolution mode works. Design and results from the APV25, a deep sub-micron CMOS front-end chip for the CMS tracker M. J. French, et. al. (2001).
APVMUX User Guide (V1.0) (December 15, 2000)
CMS Tracker PLL Reference Manual (V2.0) P. Placidi, A. Marchioro, P Moreira (July 2000)
DCU2 User Guide G. Magazzu, A. Marchioro, P Moreira (December 6, 2001) DCU-CCU electrical diagram R. Hammarstrom (June 12, 2001)

Module Schematics

Drawing of HV SS kapton R. Hammarstrom (July 1, 2002) Drawing of HV DS Rphi kapton R. Hammarstrom (June 25, 2002) Drawing of HV DS stereo kapton R. Hammarstrom (June 25, 2002) Electrical schematic of detector bias and temperature sensing R. Hammarstrom (Nov 1, 2001)

Component QA prior to shipment to states


Results from APV25 wafer testing Rob Bainbridge (July 11, 2001) E-mail from Rob Bainbridge (January 2, 2003)


FHIT (Industrial Tester)

FHIT-Quick Reference Guide May 28, 2002 Front end Hybrid Industrial Tester Xavier Rouby (Oct 23, 2002)

Strasborg (Post production)

CERN (Post PA Bonding)

Bonding Working Group Status Alan Honma (March 5, 2002) Status of M200 Hybrid Assembly Alan Honma (January 24, 2002) Technical specification and procedures for the final assemblu of the CMS silicon tracker front-end hybrids Alan Honma (October 29, 2000)


Specifications for the Quality Control & Assurance of the CMS Silicon Sensors (May 4, 2000)

Rod Schematics

HV biasing scheme R. Hammarstrom (July 1, 2002) Sketch of DS Rod Interconnect Bus connection to modules R. Hammarstrom (October 13, 2001) Sketch of Rod Interconnect Bus connectors R. Hammarstrom (January 9, 2001) Electric Schematic of Rod Interconnect Bus R. Hammarstrom (May 30, 2001) Electric Schematic of Interconnect Card1 R. Hammarstrom (May 21, 2001) Electric Schematic of Interconnect Card2 R. Hammarstrom (September 27, 2001) TOB Control Loop Block Diagram for DS layers R. Hammarstrom (October 23, 2001) TOB External Controls Cabling R. Hammarstrom (April 15, 2002)

ARC System Papers

A Test Setup for Quality Assurance of Front End Hybrids M. Axer, et. al. (October 15, 2001) ARCS APV Readout Controller Sofware M. Axer, et. al. (August 7, 2002) Testing Hybrids at CERN (CERN Hybrid & Module Test Station) M. Poettgens (July 17, 2002) ARC controller schematics ARC controller mechanical drawing ARC LED mechanical drawing

FHIT (Industrial Tester)

Front End Industrial Tester V. Lemaitre (Jan. 29, 2003)

Burn-in Test (Vienna Cooling Box)

Lt setup in Torino using Vienna Box L. Dematia (July 16, 2002) Vienna Cooling Box M. Pernicka, T. Bauer M. Friedl (January 24, 2002) Cooling Box Connectivity M. Pernicka, T. Bauer, J. Pirker, M. Friedl (November 15, 2001)

Chiller descriptions and quotes

NESlab Refrigerated Bath/Ciculators Merlin Series Merlin Series Quote Lytron Kodiak Series Bath/Ciculators Lytron price list

Overviews of the Silicon DAQ

The CMS Tracker Control System A. Marchioro (July 4, 2002) DAQ TDR & Tracker Lucia Silvestris (April 26, 2002)

DAQ Components

Trigger Sequencer Card(TSC):

Trigger Sequencer Card User Manual (Version 2.0) Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon (June, 2002)

Front End Controller(FEC):

Communication and Control Unit(CCU):

Communication and Control Unit ASIC for Embedded Slow Control (v2.1) A. Marchioro, C Ljuslin, C. Paillard (February 19, 2002) DCU-CCU electrical diagram R. Hammarstrom (June 12, 2001)

Digital Optohybrid(DOH):

80 Mbit/s Digital Optical Links for Control, Timing, and Trigger of the CMS Track K. Gill, G. Dewhirst, R. Grabit, A. M. Sandvik, J. Troska, F. Vasey Schematic of Digital Optohybrid R. Hammarstrom (August 26, 2002)

Analog Optohybrid(DOH):

AOH burn-in and testing strategy M. Friedl (April, 2003) Opto Hybrid Test in Florence Cristiana Marchettini (October 24, 2002) An overview of measurements with Analog Optical Links Marco Meschini (July 16, 2002)

Front End Drivers(FED):

CMS FED Front-End FPGA (Technical Description) B. Gannon (March 11, 2002) User Requirements Document for the Final FED of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker (V0.51) K. Bell, et. al. (February 22, 2002) On Calibration, Zero Suppression Algorithms and Data Format for the Silicon Tracker FEDs I. Tomalin (July 2, 2001) Cable and Groupig of Read-Out Fibers, Mapping Front-End to FEDs A. Zanet (January 2002)

hybrid-to-vutri adaptors:

Version B bug report P. Van Hove

Power Supplies:

Power Supplies for the Tracker Firenze & Torino Power Supplies for Sub-Structures and Sub-Detectors G. Parrini (October 24, 2002) Power Supply Report R. D'Alessandro (July 2002)

Production Schedule

Duccio's Production Schedule (as of Jan. 31, 2003). Gian Mario's Production Schedule (as of Jan. , 2003). Production Schedule (as of August 16, 2002) for run of 300 modules. This run will be the production through March 2003. Module Production planning (as of Dec, 2002) Gian Mario Bilei. Shows TOB pre-production starting Jan. 2003 with 300 modules by April.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Procedures for Module Test (as of April 3, 2002) Module Qualification with CMS system V. Zhukov(April 19, 2002) Module Test WG (Brief Status Report) M. Meschini (December 5, 2002) Includes modification to testing proceedure


Status of the Tracker DB System D. Contardo (April 3, 2003) WEB Interface to the DB Pisa DB SW Group (Jan. 29, 2003) Tracker DB tutorial Example output for sensor for littlebrowser

Test Stand Needs at UCSB

Current US Test Stands and final needs A. Affolder (March 1,03) . Ariella's current teststand spreadsheet A. Cattai (Feb,03) . US Test Stand needs S. Tkaczyk, A. Bean, L. Chistofek (Nov. 02) . Itemized US Test Stand needs S. Tkaczyk, A. Bean, L. Chistofek (Nov. 02) .

Rod Test Results

TOB System Test Status Report J. Valls (April 2003)--XROD and DS rod results TOB System Test A. Giammanco (April 2003)--SS rod source and cosmic test results TOB system test- status report D. Abbaneo (November 2002)--Discover noise between PC and electrical board replacing optohybrid. TOB status report (Mostly) understanding noise R. Chierici (September 25, 2002) TOB system test- preliminary results P. Bartalini (July 2002)--Include S/N measurement with e- source

Module Test Results

Study of pinhole creation/sensor damage

Analysis of Experssline TEC Modules F. Hartmann (April 10, 2003) Shows how scratches of sensors can lead to pinhole development and early breakdown voltage

Effect of pinholes and heavy ionizing particles

Results of Experssline TEC Modules and ARC Status T. Franke. (Dec 12, 2002) Explains continuous LED pinhole tests Problems due to HIPs & Pinholes I. Tomalin (January 25, 2002) Tracker Outer Barrel Silicon S. Tkaczyk (June 5-6, 2002)

DAQ/ARC testing results comparisons

Experience with ARC System in Pisa L. Teodorescu (April 24, 2002) Study of Module results in Florence C. Civinini (Dec 11, 2002)

Laser/LED/Calibration pulse testing comparisons

Module testiong with Laser and LED array J. Olzem (July 2002) Summary of Express Line TEC Module Results with ARC T. Franke (July 16, 2002)

Standard ARC/DAQ Test Results

ARCS with new FE adaptors T. Franke (Jan. 2003) Module Testing at Fermilab L. Christofek (June 2002)--ARC stands at CERN and FNAL give similar results. DAQ stands likewise. TIB module test results from Bari D. Giordano (June 2002)--Shows noise structure with pitch adaptor only. After assembly goes away. After bonding of silicon bowed noise shape. Grounding or shielding issues??? DAQ results for same group do not have same effect. Most bad channels found by DAQ stands on chip edges (about 70% . High noise regions. Express Line TEC Module Test with ARC M. Axer (April 24, 2002)--Show I-V curves. Might need N2/dry air gas volumn to measure breakdown voltages. Preliminary noise test with TIB module A. Kyriakis (July 2002)--Noise of inside chip edge channels different on different DAQ stands.

APV Test Results

Lot Dependence

APV25 Yield Studies M. Raymond (April 9, 2003)

Temperature Dependence

APV25 S1 Low T Measurement E. Noah (January 2002)

!!broken!! APV Power Dependence on Trigger E. Noah (January 2003)

Beam Test Results

Preliminary Results of 25 ns Test Beam on Florence Detector (June 2002)--APV S/N measurement Progress on CMS Silicon Tracker I. Stavitski--APV,sensor radiation test results APV radiation test results (July 2002) E. Noah--APV radiation test results

Here's pictures of FNAL setup Showing ARC FE connection Showing ARC LV/HV connection Showing DAQ LV/HV connection Showing DAQ LV/HV connection(2) Showing DAQ LV/HV connection(3) Showing CCU

Here's a link to the best description of issues with silicon electronics I've found. "Signal Processing" by Helmuth Spieler. Additional tutorials by him can be found here

CDF (mostly ISL) testing documents

Description of production tests for ISL FNAL Production Experience(ISL) J. Incandela (April 2000) Study of failures of SVX ladders Study of deadtimeless effects in ISL Study of signal-to-noise ratio in ISL