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Physics 115B - Spring 2003

Have a Great Summer !

We meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:45pm in Psychology 1802. The first class is Tues., Apr. 1. The TA, Antonio Boveia, will teach a section on Friday from noon to 12:50 in 2128 Girvetz.

The lecturer is Harry Nelson, and the TA is Antonio Boveia. Prof. Nelson's office hours are currently Wed. 9:30am-11:30am and by appointment in 5103 Broida, Antonio Boveia's are currently Tuesday 10:30-12:30pm, Wednesday noon-12:30pm, and Thursday noon-12:30pm in the PLC. Our grader, Victor Soto, will hold office hours Tuesday 9:00-10:30am in the PLC.

This is the second quarter of a core course on Quantum Mechanics. The textbook is `Principles of Quantum Mechanics' by R. Shankar. We will cover material from Chapters 6 through 12 of Shankar. The principal planned topics include the classical limt, the harmonic oscillator, the uncertainty relations, identical particles, symmetries, and angular momentum.

One midterm is planned on Tuesday, May 13

Homework is assigned on Thursday, due the next Thursday in class. Homework turned in after class on Thursday will have 10% of the score removed; homework turned in on Friday by 5pm will have 20% of the score removed; homework turned in by the subsequent Monday by 5pm after will have 50% of the score removed; homework turned in after that may receive no credit. You may work with others on working out the problems, but you must write up solutions independently of one another.

The grading formula to be 45% Final, 30% Midterm, and 25% Problems.

Class Notes:
Pages Lecture Dates Reading
Pages 120-122, 1-5 Apr. 1 Shankar pp. 179-191
Pages 6-14 , Extra page 11 , Hermite Polynomials , Link to QSHO on web Apr. 3 Shankar pp. 191-202
Pages 15-20 , Excel QSHO Apr. 8 Shankar pp. 202-206
Pages 21-28 Apr. 10 Shankar pp. 207-212
Pages 29-35 Apr. 15 Shankar pp. 209, 216-221, 237-238
Pages 36-40 , Excel Uncertainty Principle (uncertainty.xls) Apr. 17 Shankar pp. 238-241
Pages 40-47 Apr. 22 Shankar pp. 241-244, 247-250
Pages 48-55 Apr. 24 Shankar pp. 250-258
Pages 56-61 , Feynman: Audio, Text Apr. 29 Shankar pp. 258-265
Pages 62-70 Nobel Prize for Bose-Einstein Condensates May 1 Shankar pp. 266-278
Pages 71-77 May 6 Shankar pp. 279-284
Pages 78-85 May 8 Shankar pp. 284-286, 289-290, 292-298
Midterm May 13 Solutions
Pages 86-90 May 16 Shankar pp. 298-303
Pages 91-98 May 20 Shankar pp. 305-311
Pages 99-106 May 22 Shankar pp. 311-318
Pages 107-111 May 27 Shankar pp. 318-321
Pages 112-118 May 29 Shankar pp. 321-327
Pages 119-127, Spherical Harmonics: Gallery , Additional Info, Cosmic Microwave:Information , Plot of Power as a Function of Multipole June 3 Shankar pp. 327-328, 333-339
Pages 128-135 June 5 Shankar p. 329
Final June 9 Solutions

Assigned Problems:
Link Date Assigned Date Due
Problem Set 1 Apr. 3 Apr. 10 Solutions
Problem Set 2 Apr. 10 Apr. 17 Solutions
Problem Set 3 Typos Fixed 4/22 Apr. 17 Apr. 24 Solutions
Problem Set 4 Apr. 24 May 1 Solutions
Problem Set 5 May 1 May 8 Solutions
Problem Set 6 May 8 May 15 Solutions
Problem Set 7 May 15 May 22 Solutions
Problem Set 8 May 22 May 29 Solutions
Problem Set 9 May 29 June 6, 5pm, PSC Solutions

Some Science Links:
Particle Data Group Source of many useful tables
Nobel Prizes The Nobel e-Museum
Colloquia Online Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation Science Page
DMN Dallas Morning News Science Page (free registration required)
LAT Los Angeles Times Science Page
NYT New York Times Science Page
PT Physics Today (Registration required to view articles)

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