CMS  4 Hybrid Test System

Under Construction, note updates

System Documents: 



         All of the system parts have been placed on order or requested from organizations. The basic parts for the cold box electronics are listed above, updated on 18 Nov.    The Production Schedule :  ColdBox2Schedule.jpg


Peltier Degradation:   ColdBoxStatus21.ppt                               

Cooling loop Study 17 Sept:  ColdBoxStatus20.ppt

                                Cold Box Status on 3 September:  ColdBox Status19.ppt

                                Cold Box Status on 3 November:  ColdBox Status18.ppt

                                Cold Box Status on 13 October: ColdBoxStatus17.ppt

Cold Box Status on 25 August:  ColdBoxStatus16.ppt

                                UCSB Cold Box August 18 Status:  ColdBoxStatus15.ppt

UCSB Cold Box August 8 Status:  ColdBoxStatus14.ppt
                                UCSB Cold Box August 4 Status:  ColdBoxStatus13.ppt

                                UCSB Cold Box July 28 Status:  ColdBoxStatus12.ppt 

                                      UCSB Cold Box July 21 Status:  4HybirdStatus11.ppt

                                UCSB Cold Box July 14 Status:  4HybridStatus10.ppt
UCSB Cold Box July 7 Status:   4HybridStatus9.ppt  
UCSB 4Hybrid June 30 Status:  4HybridStatus8.ppt

UCSB 4Hybrid June 23 Status:
                                UCSB 4Hybrid June 17 Status:    4HybridStatus6.ppt
UCSB 4Hybrid June 10 Status:   4HybridStatus5.ppt
                                UCSB 4Hybrid June 3 Status:    4HybridStatus4.ppt                                             

UCSB 4Hybrid May 27 Status:   4HybridStatus3.ppt  

                                 UCSB 4Hybrid May 12 Status:   4Hybrid_Status.ppt    
Giacomo's CERN May Review:  CERNTempChamber.ppt


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