Neutron Detector


Water Absorbtion...

  1. Excel Spreadsheet... table of alpha, the absorption coefficient in 1/meters, is a few lines down, for very clean and dirtier water. Used a parameterization that is described by the block of numbers at the top.
  2. Smith and Baker, a primary reference.
  3. Fry another primary reference.


Pictures of the black box for testing sintered halon

  1. The Box
  2. The LED
  3. The Diffuser


Notes on PMT's from Steve Ahlen and Greg Tarle, 1981. Particularly unique is the discussion on Polya distributions and the width of the pulse spectrum on pp. 124-126 (pp. 10-12 as scanned).


  1. Plots from Matt Harrison from his simulations:
    1. Efficiency Plot
    2. Rate Plot
    3. Time Between Events Plot
  2. Double Chooz Proposal


  1. First Sintered Halon Run Reflectance


  1. 1981 article that first described Halon as a white diffuse reflector.
  2. 1992 article about contaminants in Halon and how to keep Halon clean.
  3. 1997 article about a replacement for Halon.
  4. 2007 article on UV characterization of integrating spheres.

05/15/2008 - meeting

    Jim Napolitano of the Daya Bay Group's memo on water purification.

05/01/2008 - meeting

  1. Compton Scattering - main point is that the minimum energy needed for a gamma to make a Compton scattered electron above Cherenkov threshold in water is near to 0.4 MeV, not 1.0 MeV, as previously reported.
  2. Thorium Source by Bobby Lanza.
  3. News from the Livermore Group:
    1. DUSEL Lead Meeting
    2. Another Talk

04/24/2008 - Wavelength Shifter in Water Cherenkov Detectors - Harry was launched in this direction by Hank Sobel during a meeting at the Homestake meeting. We may be able to get a factor of 4 in pulseheight by adding a modest additive to our water!

04/18/2008 - Short memo on the Californium source -- we have a stronger source than expected! We ended up with the `long source,' not the `short source', which explains the rate discrepancy.

04/17/2008 - meeting

  1. Joel's key plots for APS meeting
    1. Multiplicity Plot - With Cf-252, With Gd
    2. Multiplicity Plot - With Cf-252, No Gd
    3. micro-K Time Between Events
    4. Overall Rate Discrepency - 20/second expected 252-Cf... 1000/second observed for neutron capture. Perhaps 250-Cf!
  2. Matt Harrison on Simulation

04/03/2008 - meeting

  1. Joel Sander - Prototype
  2. Harry Nelson - Final Design


  1. A Water Cherenkov Counter.... this article describes a detector much like our prototype built in the 1980's.
  2. PBAR: A Superconducting Magnet.... this article describes the PBAR detector, that incorporated a water Cherenkov detector based on that described above.
  3. Technique for Painting.... this article describes high reflectivity white paint. Another article about very white paint, and an article about white reflective standards. These paints/materials are not compatible with water.
  4. Sintered Halon as a diffuse.... This article describes how to make a sintered compound that has great white reflectivity and is compatible with water.
  5. Hamamatsu R329-03 Data Sheet.

10/18/2007 Info on response in water, and on the utility of Gd in water (from Mark Vagins at UCI)

9/20/2007 Neutron Trigger Electronics Documentation

8/16/2007 Other Collaborations that use liquid scintillator:

  1. Kamland
  2. Borexino
  3. Boone

Jimmy's double cone... Coordinates , Plot (both in inches... needs polycarbonate, n=1.57)

8/9/2007 Meeting

  1. Tentative Project Organization

7/17/2007 Meeting

  1. The Proposal
  2. General Info
  3. Light Collection
  4. Calculating the Winston Cone
  5. Spreadsheet to Calculate the Winston Cone
  6. V-Trough Calculation

1/8/2008 Digital Photos

1/8/2008 Various Documentation & Info

1/28/2008 Comprehensive Guide to Hamamatsu PMTs