Anthony Allen Affolder


Postdoctoral Research Fellow



           Office: 5118 Broida Hall
             Mail: Physics Department
                   University of California
                   Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
            Phone: (805)893-3125
              FAX: (805)893-8597

This weeks testing report: 5/02/05  

 Here's some  CMS silicon information  that I've been collecting.

 Here's my  US CMS silicon meeting talks

 Here's the result of UCSB  TOB module electrical QA 
 Here's my talk for the June 2003 CMS week

CDF bottom talks:
 CDF pre-blessing 10/30/03 (pdf)
 CDF pre-blessing 10/30/03 (ppt)

CMS Week Dec 2003 talks
  US testing status (Mod. Test. meeting)
  LT module running (TPO) 
  CMN review and status (TPO) 

UCSB meeting Jan 5 2004 talks
  Table of current US probing status
 Tables of TEC R6 module IV 

 CMS DOE TALKS-Jan. 20, 2004 

 Potential Vienna Poster Stuff 
 Low Rint modules at Sensor meeting Feb. 11, 2004 
 US Testing Status at Testing meeting Feb. 11, 2004 
 US equipment status March 9, 2004 
 B correlations PRD Draft(postscript), 3/19/2004 
 B correlations PRD Draft(tex), 3/19/2004 
 B correlations PRD Draft(tar file of everything), 3/22/2004 
 Visual scan photos of 5 sensors sent to Europe, 3/28/2004 

US LT Module Testing Meeting
 Meeting Agenda, 6/18/2004 
 UCSB Module LT Presentation, 6/18/2004 
 FNAL Module LT Presentation, 6/18/2004 
 Patrick's Module LT Presentation, 6/18/2004 
 Meeting Notes, Action Items, Volunteers, 6/18/2004 

US Hybrid Thermal Testing Meeting
 Meeting Agenda, 6/22/2004 
 UCSB Hybrid Testing Presentation, 6/22/2004 
 FNAL Hybrid Testing Presentation, 6/22/2004 
 Lenny's Questions, 6/22/2004 

UCSB DOE Meeting (1/18/2005)
 CMS hybrid and module testing (ppt) 
 CMS hybrid and module testing (pdf)