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D0 mixing and/or Doubly Cabibbo Suppressed Decays (DCSD)
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D0 mixing is the name given to a process whereby certain types of matter transmute into antimatter. Analogous processes have actually been observed in elementary particles that resemble the D0, known as the K0 and the B0. However, the popular expectation is that the D0 will not transmute at a large rate, in contrast to the K0 and the B0.

We are nonetheless seeking evidence that the D0 turns into antimatter, in our data. If we see D0 mixing, the existence of some new (and predicted) particles might be implied.

There is a process that resembles D0 mixing, known as `Doubly Cabibbo Suppressed Decay (DCSD)'. That process is not well quantified, and our work will help pin DCSD down, even if we don't detect D0 mixing.

Most of the links below are rather technical. We'll work on a simpler description and provide a link to it soon.
Links to pages, which now have a lot of information, of members of our working group: Meeting minutes
Writeup for Kaon 99. (aka hep-ex/9909028) (Spires)
Lepton-Photon Conference Paper (aka hep-ex/9908040) (Spires)
CBX 99-39 on our Search for D0 Mixing (access to CLEO members only)
Figures portraying the preliminary results for the early summer, 1999
Transparencies presented Harry Nelson at Kaon99.
Transparencies presented by the CLEO `gang of four' (Tony Hill, Chris Sedlack, Mike Marsh, and David Asner) at the APS Centennial Meeting at Atlanta, March 22, 1999.
Jeff Gronberg's draft writeup for DPF 1999 at UCLA
David Asner's Talk at the 1999 Lake Louise Winter Institute
CBX on the mixing analysis
Jeff Gronberg's Talk at DPF 1999 at UCLA
Plots showing limits, for Early 1999
Jan. `99 APS/DPF Abstract (here is the TeX file)
Heavy Quarks `98 Talk Transparencies (10/12/98)
Plots for early Summer, 1998
APS Talk Transparencies (4/17/98)
APS Abstract (here is the TeX file)
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