Physics 125, Spring 2009

Welcome to Physics 125, Particle Physics, for Spring 2009. We'll meet MWF 12:00-12:50pm in Building 387, Room 101. The textbook is `Introduction to Elementary Particles,' Second, Revised Edition by David Griffiths (don't get the First Edition). The Instructor is Harry Nelson, and he'll hold office hours Thursday 1pm-3pm in 5103 Broida. The TA is Kristen Flowers, and her office hours are Wednesday 1pm-4pm in the PSR, on the first floor of Broida.

Midterm results --- average was about 60; that is in the B range. A- is about 75 and above, and C- 40 and above.

Generally, homework will be assigned Fridays and due the subsequent Friday; late homework generally must be approved in advance by Kristen Flowers. It will be collected at 4 pm sharp from the box on the second floor, across from the elevators. Homework found in the box the following Monday at 9 am will loose 5 points out of 40. (This policy is subject to change.)

A midterm is currently planned for Monday, May 4. The final will be Tuesday, June 9 at noon in Building 387, Room 101. The current plan is for homework to count 35%, the midterm 25%, and the final 40%.

The plan is to briefly cover Chapters 1 and 2, then cover Chapters 3, 4, 6, and 7 carefully. Material from Chapters 5, 11, and 12.