Physics 115B "Quantum Mechanics"

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By Rollin Morrison

Physics 115B is the second quarter of an introductory course on Quantum Mechanics for upper division undergraduates and graduate students. Use the links below to access the homework assignments and solutions when available. These are provided in different formats for your convenience. The syllabus is essentially the same as for Physics 115A 115AG with the exception that we will cover chapters 8 through 16.

The syllabus for Phys. 115A can be obtained in three different formats: [gif], [jpg], or [ps].

Robin Snyder is the TA for the course. Her office hours are M 11-12 and W 1-3



Solutions to homework.

Homework 8.

Homework 7.

Homework 6.

Homework 5.

Homework 4.

Homework 3.

Homework 2.

  1. Problems 2,3,7 chapter 9.
  2. Problem 1 chapter 10.

Homework 1.

  1. Problem 6 chapter 8.
  2. Problem 6 chapter 8 but assume that the two particles are bosons rather than electrons.


The final exam for phys. 115A was given on Tuesday, March 18, and the solutions can be obtained here. There are a total of 12 pages.

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