Dr. Puneeth Kalavase

Current: Environmental Energy Postdoctoral Fellow

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Previous:ex-Research Scientist, Graduate Student

Experimental High Energy Physics Group

University Of California, Santa Barbara

Welcome! You've stumbled upon my webpage from graduate school. This page is not updated often, and I'm no longer at UCSB (I finally graduted in 2011!) so if you want to know what I'm up to, I would start by googling me, or check my LBL homepage, where I currently work.

The above image is of the CMS Tracker Inner Barrel (TIB), which is part of the larger charge particle tracking detector. I contributed to the construction, testing and comissioning of the Tracker at UCSB and at CERN. To learn more about me, my research and my interests, please see the links above.


Office: Broida 5310 
Mail:   Physics Department 
        University of California 
        Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530 
Phone:  (805)300-7247
E-Mail: puneeth AT alumni.upenn.edu
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