IV Debate Quiz

We have prepared a quiz about Isla Vista to help the candidates brush up on their knowledge of Isla Vista before the debate on Feb. 19 at Embarcadero Hall.

We hope doing this quiz will help the candidates learn useful information about our community, and we also aim to help whoever becomes the new Supervisor to govern Isla Vista more effectively.

Here is the quiz. It is in Adobe Acrobat format, aka a .pdf file.

The quiz is open book, and answers to the questions can be found in local public libraries, and on the World Wide Web. It is fine for staff members to help complete the quiz.

We ask that the candidates not collaborate with one and other.

The whole quiz is multiple choice; for numerical questions, choose the answer that comes closest to the number you believe to be correct. For non-numerical questions, choose all the answers that apply.

We recommend that a hardcopy be printed out, and then that the candidates circle their answers right on the hardcopy. If that proves impossible, they could also just write down on a pieces of binder paper the question number and the letters chosen as correct answers, and staple the pieces of paper together (remember to label the pages with the candidate's name).

The answers are due at 6:30pm on Feb. 19 to Scott Talkov. We will grade the work during the debate and announce the results at the end.

We thank the candidates for their good sportsmanship in taking this test.

Here is the answer key. It is also in Adobe Acrobat format, aka a .pdf file.
Here is the general information on the election. It is also in Adobe Acrobat format, aka a .pdf file.

The IV Debate Organizing Committee