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Physics 125 - Spring 2002
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Lec. #DateTopicsReadingProblems
FinalM, 6/1012-3pm
12 W, 5/8 Midterm Lectures 1-10
6M, 4/22Gluons, Interquark attraction Ch. 2
5M, 4/15Feynman, Antimatter, Branching Ratios, Exponential Decay. Tables from PDG: D0,D+, CKM Ch. 2Handout (gif,pdf) Due 4/26
4W, 4/10Poisson, Feynman Diagrams Ch. 2
3M, 4/8More Numbers, Sizes; Cross Sections. Ch. 2Handout (gif,pdf) Due 4/17
2W, 4/3Numbers, Sizes Ch. 1
1M, 4/1The New Periodic Tables [1(gif) , 2(gif)], Hadrons, SUSY Ch. 1 Handout (gif,pdf) Due 4/10

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