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Physics 125 - Spring 2001

We meet Monday and Wednesday in 2019B Broida, 12:30pm-1:50pm. The first class is Monday, April 2 and the last class will be Wednesday, June 6. The midterm will be on Wednesday, May 9 and the final will be on Monday, June 11 from noon to 3pm in 2019B Broida.

The lecturer is Harry Nelson, and the TA is Sean Fraser.

This is a course about modern elementary particle physics. The textbook is Introduction to Elementary Particles by David Griffiths. An ancillary textbook will be the Particle Physics Booklet, available by registering at the Particle Data Group Order Form web page. As part of the first problem set for the course, students must order a copy of the Particle Physics Booklet. Some lecture notes will be handed out in class.

Roughly, we will cover Chapters 1-7 of Griffiths, but with some important diversions, with handouts for those. An up-to-date syllabus is available here.

My plan is to count the problem sets 50%, The final 30%, and the midterm 20%, toward the final grade.

Useful Links
PA The Particle Adventure, a starting point for a general overview of particle physics.
PDG The Particle Data Group at LBL in Berkeley. This group keeps track of the most up-to-date data and ideas concerning particle physics
Nuclides An interactive table of the nuclides. For example, information for the decay of Potassium-40 is easy to find here.
CERN The world's premier particle physics lab, based in Geneva in Switzerland
DESY DESY, the German particle physics lab.
FNAL Fermilab, the principal particle physics lab in the US.
KEK KEK, the principal particle physics lab in Japan.
SLAC SLAC, the center in the US for particle physics techniques derived from the acceleration of electrons.

hnn@hep.ucsb.edu 4/1/01

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