HEP Electronics Lab

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The HEP Electronics Lab is located between HEP Grad Student offices on the 5th floor in room 5308 . Two electronics work stations are set up with antistatic mats and modern soldering stations. The lab hosts a number of modern Tektronix oscilloscopes and an extensive line of  test instruments.  A stock of Neuclear Instrumentation Modules (NIM) is maintained along with a limited supply of CAMAC and VME crates and electronics.

Typical HEP Electronics Lab Modern Work Station


Test Equipment

The Lab test equipment is listed below

    1. Oscilloscope  Tektronix Model  TDS5104  1Ghz,/5Gs/s 4 Ch, tds5104Manual.pdf
          P6703 O/E Converter, DC-1.26GHz, 1100 - 1650 nm
          P6246 400Mhz Dif Probe  P6247  1Ghz Dif Probe
          P6243 16Ghz 10x Active Probe

    2. Oscilloscope Tektronix Model 2465B 400 Mhz 4 Ch on cart

    3. Oscilloscope Tektronix Model 2467B 400 Mhz 4 Ch on cart

    4. Oscilloscope HP 54510A 250Mhz/1Gs/s Digital Scope, 2 Ch on cart
         HP 41800A 5hz - 500 Mhz Active Probe

    5. Lagic Analizer Tektronix  Model TLA611  34 Ch with Magni/VU Acq., Tla6111Manual.pdf

    6. HP 4284A LCR Bridge, HPIB, HP16089 BCD Clip Leads

    7. HP 3588A Spectrum Analizer

    8. Oscilloscope Tektronix Model TDS 3034 Color Display, tds3034Manual.pdf

    9. Oscilloscope HP 54501A  4 Channel 100Mhz Digital Scope

    10. 2ea HP 8111A Pulse Generator  20Mhz

    11. 3ea Keithley 197multimeters with HPIB

    12. 2ea HP E3620A  25v  1A Power Supply
    13. 5ea HP E3612A 60V 5A / 120V 0.25A Power Supply

    14. HP E3616A 35V 1.7A Power Supply

    15. 2ea HP E3615A 20V 3A Power Supply

    16. HP 6205  40V 3A/ 20V 6A Power Supply

    17. HP E3614 8V/6A Power Supply

    18. 3 ea Fluke 83 III Multimeter
    19. Pulse Generator HP8082A 40 Mhz

    20  1 ea Function Generator Agilent 33250A 80Mhz


Tek 5105 1Ghz Scope and TLA611 Logic Analizer



NIM Electronics

1. BNC BL-2 Pulse Generator
2. LRS Mod 622 Quad Coincidence
LeCroy Mod 465 Coincidence Unit
LeCroy Mod 612  6 Ch PMT Amp, 2 ea
LeCroy Mod 621AL  Quad Descriminator, 3 ea
6. LeCroy Mod 465 4 fold coincidence
LeCroy Mod 428 linear fan in/out
LeCroy Mod 127FL Dual lin oct fan-in
9. LeCroy Mod 3001 Multichannel analizer, 2 ea
LeCroy Mod 623B Octal Descriminator, 2 ea
11. LeCroy Mod 222 Dual Gate Generator
LRS Mod 365 Dual 4-Fold Maj Logic
EGG NIM Extender Mod EX100/N
14. EGG Ortek 974 NIM Counter
Wiener blank NIM mechanics (1/12, 2/12) and connectors

NOTE:  Some older NIM modules are stored in the Broida basement, they could be reworked for current applications.

LeCroy no longer provides repair services for their NIM modules this work is being done by US Technologies in New Jersey  http://www.ustechnologies.com/contact.cfm .  They have a flat rate for various modules.  To repair a LeCroy Mod 688 NIM/TTL module the flat rate is $688. 2/2005

Misc. Electronics

1. LeCroy Mod HV4032A HV Power Supply
2. CAEN 40 Ch HV Power Supply Mod SY127
3. CAEN Mod 527 Universal Multichannel Power Supply System
4. National Instruments GPIB-110 Buss Extender , 2ea with10 meter fibre pairs
5. Kintic 1502 CAMAC Crate
LeCroy Camac 2249B
7. Jorway 84 Quad Scaler
8. Wiener 9U VME Crate , 21 Slot
9. Omega OS20 Infared Pyrometer
R85/R810 Pro Relay Board with RS232 Control
11. 10 kva isolation transformer
12. Xess fpga 84 test board
13. National Instruments NI PCI-GPIB-PCII/IIA card assy for Win 2000
14. Medical Grade Isolation Transformer 125v@1.5A
15. Kleen-Line Isolation Transformer 125v@8A


Electronics Storage Area


Special Tooling:

1. Weller EC1002 Soldering Station with EC1201A Iron and WTA 50 Surface Mouint Tool
2. Weller EWS51 Soldering Station with PES51 Tip
3. Weller EC4000 Soldering Station with EC1301 Iron  (older unit)
4. CHIPQUIK SMD 2000 Solder/Desoldering Rework Kit
5.  AMP CHAMP  General Purpose Crimper
Molex Service Tool
7. AMP Servie Tools Type I and II
8. AMP 84 FPGA Extraction Tool PN 822268-1
9. AMP Pro-Crimper II HandTool  (Cat #82276)
       50 Ohm Coax Dieset 58483-1
       AWG 28-16 Dieset 58495-2
10. AMP Contact Removal Tool 305183
11. RG58 Coax Crimper
12. Paladin PA1440 Crimper for AMP Screw machine contacts
13. SOIC Clip Kit , Pomona Electronics Mod. 5514
Heat-Gun, Master Gun Mod HG301A 300/500 Deg F 1.4 kw

NOTE:  Dan has some crimper tools in his tool box in the High Bay.



Electronics Service Tools



Electronics Components

A limited supply of  1206 surface mount resistors are maintained in the lab.  Resistors are 1/8Watt 5%, zero ohms, 1 ohm, 10, 12, 18, 22 . . . . . 100k, 120k, 150k, 180k, 220k, 270k, 820k, 1meg.

A supply of 1206 ceramic capacitors is available; 1, 1.8,5.6, 10, 22, 56, 120, 220, 330, 560, 1200, 2200, 3300, 5600, 6800pf, .022, .039 and .068uFd.

        Garrett Engineering Design Kit  Tan Cap TC surface mount series
        Garrett Design Kit CL31 1206 ceramic capacitors 0.1pf - 0.1 ufd

    Fair-Rite Products Cable Suppressor Kit #0199000017
    Fair-Rite Products Connector Suppression Kit  #01990000005

    SurfBoards 9161: 12ea, 9162: 13ea, 6309: 4ea, 33206: 3ea, 3012: 3ea,
          Here is an example of a prototype using a 9162 surfboard cemented over a copper foil ground plane.

    Electronic Part Samples  parts2.pdf

Electronic IC Sample Box



1. OrCAD  Capture Version 9.2.1  with Network License at Port 5281
2. OrCAD LayoutPluss Version 9.2.1  with  SmartRoute Calibrate
3. OrCAD PSpiceAD 9.2.1
4. L-EditPro Ver 10.20   with Network License at Port ____
6. T-Spice Pro Ver 9.0 7
7.  Xilinx Foundation Ver F4.2i  Keyless Version
8.  ISE TCAD Release 7  Network License not working
    Genesise, OptimISE, Ligament, Inspect, Texplot-ISE, Picasso, Utilities, Dios, Mdraw, Mesh, Dip, Dessis
    Dessis & Spice, Degas, Optik, ISExtract, Pardiso, Super, Slip, Solidis, Index, Emlab, Ted, Prosit, Gip,
    Tecplot 8.0


Broida Basement Storage:

    Small electronics equipment which is of no immediate use is stored in a number of wood crates in the basement of Broida Hall. A key to the screen cage area is located in Debby's desk or Sam's desk. A listing of the equipment is maintained at http://charm.physics.ucsb.edu/equipment/equipmentindex.html  . The listing for  Babar production related items are located in the . . ucsb.edu/equipment/ directory as a doc file.  Babar items are housed in four wood crates.


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