CMS Test Stand Power Panel

At Work Under Construction

The purpose of the power panel is to provide a point for distributing the low voltage power for ten separate CMS Hybrid Test Stands and two CCU units which make up the Vienna Box Environmental Chamber.   The panel mounts in a 19 inch rack and receives plus 6.0 volts and minus 6.0 volts from a pair of high current power supplies and divides the loads into lower current fused branches as shown on the schematic . The panel input is fused at 20 amps with 1.5 amps for the 12 each  plus 6 volt and 1/2 amp for the 12 each  minus 6 volt branches.    The power panel is currently in use with the Vienna Box test stand, the panels were fabricated by Andrea. To date, three panels have been built, the third uses low current LEDs rather than the high current incandescent lamps. The last panel is being used at UC Riverside.

Parts List .

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