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Finn Rebassoo

Finn in Chicago

Here I am at the Sears Tower in Chicago (they have since changed the name but I'll always think of it as the Sears Tower).


Graduate Student


      Office: Broida 5310
        Mail: Physics Department
              University of California
              Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
       Phone: (805)893-3340
         FAX: (805)893-8597
      E-Mail: rebassoo@hep.ucsb.edu


My research in the past few years has focused on searching for supersymmetry (SUSY), a theoretical framework that can explain many of the shortcomings of current particle physics theory, including what constitutes the dark matter in the universe. This work required analyzing data at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. During my graduate time at UCSB I also tested key elements of the hardware and developed software algorithms to deal with the incredibly large amounts of data.


In August 2011 I succesfully defended my thesis titled: "Search for new physics in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV in events with a single lepton, jets, and missing transverse momentum". My thesis advisor was Jeffrey D. Richman. A link to a copy of my thesis can be found here. A link to a copy of the journal paper for this analysis can be found here.