Slimos Blues

I'm on Slimos shift; it's so boring I could die.
I'd rather have to spend forever memorizing pi.

Driving out to Slimos shift
The foggy winter landscape looks accursed.
Next time I come I'm going to drive
Into a tree if the French don't get me first.

I'm on Slimos shift - gonna write some kind of code
That will make all the subdetectors simultaneously explode.

I guess nobody likes it here -
There are always lots of places left to park.
I hope that there's a power cut;
I might not feel so awful in the dark.

I'm on Slimos shift - underneath 10 tons of dirt.
I bet if it came crashing down it wouldn't even hurt.

Somehow the control room
Leeches all my strength and will.
And when the world comes to an end
I'll be sitting right here still.

I'm on Slimos shift - happiness is just a dream.
Excuse me while I go and stick my head into the beam.

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