Philip Hart's Home Page at UCSB

My office is at
Mail Stop 35
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
P.O. Box 20450
Stanford, CA 94309

I live at 650-248-8909
860A Noe St
SF, CA 94114-2926

Here's a bad scan of a good picture of me trying to grow a full beard - oh well.

Some of my Stuff

This is a collection of
``things I've made from love's loose ends,
for myself, and for my friends.'' - John Stallworthy

A Day in Danyel's Garden

Taken down for submission.

Stuff in English Not Being Submitted Somewhere Sometime

Stuff in (plus ou moins) French

Stuff in German

Poetry Resources

This stuff is old... Here are some poetry (and prose) resources on the web, none guaranteed to work.

Luke-warm lists

My (probably never) eventually-to-evolve semihotlist is here. Some interesting or uninteresting sites, oldly organized and occasionally annotated, can be found here.
13 Oct 1997