Patrick Gartung


Postdoctoral Research Fellow



           Office: 5118 Broida Hall
     Mail: Physics Department
	   University of California
	   Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
     Cell: (630)803-8025

CMS Tracker Module Long Term Testing at UCSB

Settings Files
UCSB cold box settings
UCSB test settings

Qualification Scenarios
3 day scenario with 9 thermal cycles
3 day scenario with 1 day at -20C between two days of thermal cycling
Overnight scenario with 1 thermal cycle
settings.xml which must be used with these scenarios

Re-analysis Tools

Defect Analyzer Package with TOB cuts
Root macro for producing bad channel lists and plots from LT root files from record with a specified database tag.

Unix script to run macro on records with database tag MODULLTFIRST, MODULLTCOLD and MODULLTLAST and place output in uniquely named directory.
input: root file name
output dir: ~/ltdata/plots/{root filename}

Unix script which calls run_ltmacro and DefectAnalzer.
input: root file name
output dir: ~/ltdata/xml ~/ltdata/plots/{root filename}

Unix script to run analyze-root on all root files older than one day in the ~/ltdata/root directory.

Information about hooking up FED multiplexer
Information about calibrating electrometers.
Pictures of cold box grounding scheme