Derek Barge

      - CMS Development Technician

Contact Information

 Office:5118 Broida Hall
 Cleam Room:5318 Broida Hall
 Office Phone:(805) 893-3125
 Clean Room Phone:(805) 893-8959
 Cellular Phone:(805) 886-5124

Physics Department
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530


Current Work:


CMS Construction & Electrical Testing


Since the Spring of 2003, I have been intensely involved in the CMS construction effort as a member of the US CMS Silicon Tracker Group. UCSB and Fermilab share equal responsibility for construction of the TOB (Tracker Outer Barrel), the outer portion of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker.

ARCS alpha testing and software development


I have worked with Torsten Franke and Michael Pottgens from III Physikalisches Institut B, RWTH Aachen, providing alpha and beta testing for ARCS software for electrical testing of CMS Silicon Strip Tracker components. I helped debug the xml parser in ARCS 7.2 Alpha.

CMS TrackerDB


The TrackerDB is a centralized Oracle database located in Lyon, France. Logistic and scientific data pertinent to the CMS Tracker are uploaded by CMS institutions around the world and stored. I designed and implemented a CGI web interface to the TrackerDB that is now used at UCSB for inventory of components and to access data uploaded during the assembly, wirebonding, and testing stages of production. I also automated the uploading of testing data from the 4-Hybrid test station and the ARCS module testing stations. I am also the responsible contact for database issues concerning wirebonding, a job I took over after the departure of post doc Russel Taylor.

Phenomenology of Top mass measurements at CDF and CMS.


I have been working under the guidance of Joe Incandela, Chris Hill, and Jim Lamb on a phenomenological paper that applies a new method of top mass measurement, and makes predictions on top mass and top mass errors at CDF and CMS at the LHC using this method. My primary role has been to generate monte carlo data (for the CMS component of the paper) under the UAF CMS computing framework at Fermilab. I have also contributed to ROOT/C++ code for analysis of dilepton events in the CMS monte carlo data.

Curriculum Vitae

  1. Test of CMS tracker silicon detector modules with the ARC system.
    A. Affolder, M. Axer, D. Barge, F. Beißel, C. Campagnari, G. Flügge, T. Franke, B. Hegner, Th. Hermanns, St. Kasselmann, et al,
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 535 (December 2004) 374-378.

Other Citations

  1. A method for measurement of the top quark mass using the mean decay length of b hadrons in t-tbar events.
    C.S. Hill, J.R. Incandela, and J.M. Lamb,
    Accepted for Publication March 8, 2005 in Physical Review D.

  2. STM Conference December 2003 [PDF]


  1. DOE Review: Trial Production (November 2004) [PPT]

  2. DOE Review: CMS Database Issues (2003) [PPT]

Prior Work

Graduated UCSB with a bachelor of science degree in physics and a minor in philosophy.

Before becomming a member of the CMS group with UCSB physics, I worked as a computer systems administrator (from 1999 to 2002) at the Institute for Computational Earth Systems Sciences (ICESS) here at UCSB and occasionally at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, an affiliated institution.

When I first came to UCSB, I worked in park construction and maintenance for the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District.

Before coming to UCSB, I worked for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation as a hydrologic technician at Shasta Dam in Redding, CA.

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