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Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9530
1) Underground physics without underground labs: large detectors in solution-mined salt caverns.
By Benjamin Monreal.
[arXiv:1410.0076 [physics.ins-det]].

2) High Statistics Measurement of the Positron Fraction in Primary Cosmic Rays of 0.5–500 GeV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station.
By AMS Collaboration (L. Accardo et al.).
Phys.Rev.Lett. 113 (2014) 121101.

3) Single electron detection and spectroscopy via relativistic cyclotron radiation.
By D.M. Asner, R.F. Bradley, L. de Viveiros, P.J. Doe, J.L. Fernandes, M. Fertl, E.C. Finn, J.A. Formaggio et al..
[arXiv:1408.5362 [physics.ins-det]].

4) Working Group Report: Neutrinos.
By Intensity Frontier Neutrino Working Group Collaboration (A. de Gouvea et al.).
[arXiv:1310.4340 [hep-ex]].

5) Project 8: Determining neutrino mass from tritium beta decay using a frequency-based method.
By Project 8 Collaboration (P.J. Doe et al.).
[arXiv:1309.7093 [nucl-ex]].

6) A Search for Astrophysical Burst Signals at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
By B. Aharmim, S.N. Ahmed, A.E. Anthony, N. Barros, E.W. Beier, A. Bellerive, B. Beltran, M. Bergevin et al..
[arXiv:1309.0910 [astro-ph.SR]].
Astropart.Phys. 55 (2014) 1-7.

7) Cosmic Neutrino Background Limits at the KATRIN Experiment and Beyond.
By A.C. Kaboth, J.A. Formaggio, B. Monreal.
Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 229-232 (2012) 476.

8) Project 8: Update on a radiofrequency tritium spectrometer.
By Project 8 Collaboration (B. Monreal for the collaboration).
AIP Conf.Proc. 1441 (2012) 441-443.

9) Monitoring of the operating parameterss of the KATRIN Windowless Gaseous Tritium Source.
By M. Babutzka, M. Bahr, J. Bonn, B. Bornschein, A. Dieter, G. Drexlin, K. Eitel, S. Fischer et al..
[arXiv:1205.5421 [physics.ins-det]].
New J.Phys. 14 (2012) 103046.

10) Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier.
By J.L. Hewett, H. Weerts, R. Brock, J.N. Butler, B.C.K. Casey, J. Collar, A. de Gouvea, R. Essig et al..
[arXiv:1205.2671 [hep-ex]].

11) Combined Analysis of all Three Phases of Solar Neutrino Data from the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Aharmim et al.).
[arXiv:1109.0763 [nucl-ex]].
Phys.Rev. C88 (2013) 025501.

12) Measurement of the $\nu_e$ and Total $^{8}$B Solar Neutrino Fluxes with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Phase-III Data Set.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Aharmim et al.).
[arXiv:1107.2901 [nucl-ex]].
Phys.Rev. C87 (2013) 015502.

13) Full simulation of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory proportional counters.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Beltran et al.).
[arXiv:1104.2573 [physics.ins-det]].
New J.Phys. 13 (2011) 073006.

14) Low Multiplicity Burst Search at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Aharmim et al.).
[arXiv:1011.5436 [hep-ex]].
Astrophys.J. 728 (2011) 83.

15) Sensitivity of Neutrino Mass Experiments to the Cosmic Neutrino Background.
By A. Kaboth, J.A. Formaggio, B. Monreal.
[arXiv:1006.1886 [hep-ex]].
Phys.Rev. D82 (2010) 062001.

16) Low Energy Threshold Analysis of the Phase I and Phase II Data Sets of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Aharmim et al.).
[arXiv:0910.2984 [nucl-ex]].
Phys.Rev. C81 (2010) 055504.

17) Searches for High Frequency Variations in the $^8$B Solar Neutrino Flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.
By SNO Collaboration (B. Aharmim et al.).
[arXiv:0910.2433 [astro-ph.SR]].
Astrophys.J. 710 (2010) 540-548.

18) Relativistic Cyclotron Radiation Detection of Tritium Decay Electrons as a New Technique for Measuring the Neutrino Mass.
By Benjamin Monreal, Joseph A. Formaggio.
[arXiv:0904.2860 [nucl-ex]].
Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 051301.