Module 83 ARC Test Summary Page

TOB Module 83

Invertor Mode Pedestal/Noise Run I/V scan Pipeline Scan Gain Scans LED tests Backplane Pulsing
Off Peak Noise(ps), Pedestal(ps), root          
On Peak Noise(ps), Pedestal(ps), root   Noise:Channel-View(ps), Noise:Pipecell-View(ps), root Gain fits 0-3 MIP(ps)
Gain scan examples(ps)
0 Mip (root), 0.5 Mip (root)
1 Mip (root), 1.5 Mip (root)
2 Mip (root), 2.5 Mip (root)
3.0 Mip (root)
On Deconvolution Noise(ps), Pedestal(ps)          

First 6 strips only have one sensor connected. The wings at the edge of the chips only occur at specific columns in the pipeline scan (Columns 13-20). As this is true on all 4 chips, the wings must be either pickup from a command signal or change in state of system (chip synch signal, PC controller, etc.). The effect have been seen on hybrids+PA at CERN and modules at Aachen. Always in the set of columns (13-20) or (37-44). Gain scan has a bad chi-squared for many channels when the zero MIP point is included. Excluding the zero point, the fit improves greatly, and the chi-squared probability is flat.