Hybrid 301 ARC Test Summary Page

TOB Hybrid 301

Mounted in ESD box
Invertor Mode Pedestal/Noise Run I/V scan Pipeline Scan Gain Scans comments
On Peak Noise(ps), Pedestal(ps), root   Noise:Channel View(ps)
Noise:Pipecell View(ps)
0 Mip (root), 0.5 Mip (root)
1 Mip (root), 1.5 Mip (root)
2 Mip (root), 2.5 Mip (root)
3.0 Mip (root)
gain scan (0-3 MIP), gain scan (0.5-3 MIP)
Non-linear at zero on chip 40
(see below)
On Deconvolution Noise(ps), Pedestal(ps), root     2 Mip (root) Non-linear at zero on chip 40
(see below)

Comparing the gain with or without the 0 mip injection point included shows a great differenece in the chi-squared of the first on chip 40. Looking at the scan for channel 1 of chip 1 shows a large non-linearity, which pulls the fit. (See fit results without the 0 mip included). This figure shows the difference in gain calculated using the gain scan between (0.5-3) vs. just a 2 MIP calibration. No obvious problems seem in the first chip.

We should look at the first chips wire bonds for errs/weakness.