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Physics 6B - Winter 1999

There are no more pre-quizzes; the total number is 15.
Final is on Saturday, March 20: 7:30pm in Campbell Hall
No calculators, notes; bring a pencil, a bluebook, and picture id. You must sit in your designated seat; lists will be posted outside Campbell.

Material is for the whole course: Chapters 9-18; (19 has been dropped).

For a very few people who have already contacted me, there is an early final on Friday, March 19 at 9:00am in 6204 Broida Hall.

Here are the constants pages:
There are web-based pre-quizzes that will constitute 20% of the course grade. These must be completed by 6:00 am of the day of the relevant lecture.

Click on Pre-Quiz to access the system.

Of interest...

On January 12, the New York Time published an interesting article on the `scaling' of animal size... I copied the article to here. Question: how does `Ultimate Strength,' discussed in Chapter 9, relate to that article?


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