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Heavy Flavors 1997 - Transparencies

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Tuesday, July 8 [Index by Name] [Details]
9:20 amA. Nippe Purely leptonic decays of heavy mesons - experimental results
9:45C. Bernard Lattice calculations of decay constants
10:15Z. Ligeti Semileptonic B decays to excited charm mesons
11:10A. Vainshtein HQET and Semileptonic form factors
11:40T. Mannel Heavy Quark Expansion and Inclusive Decays
2:00 pmJ. M. Flynn Lattice Calculations of Semileptonic Form Factors
2:30L. Di Ciaccio Review of Vcb measurements
3:00A. Ryd Form Factors in B and D decays
4:00L. Gibbons Experimental Status of |Vub|
4:30P. Ball The most promising ways to measure Vub
5:00A. I. Sanda Getting at the CP Angles
Wednesday, July 9[Index by Name] [Details]
9:00 amJ. Smith Recent progress in charmless hadronic B decays
9:45T. Skwarnicki Review of Experimental Results on b to s/d gamma and b to s/d l+l-
10:50A. Ali Theory of Rare B Decays
11:35A. Kagan Phenomenology of Enhanced b to sg
2:00 pmJ. Hewett Probing New Physics in the B System
2:35A. Buras CKM (Present and Future)
3:20M. Velasco Review of CP violation in Kaon decays
4:25R. Fleischer CP Violation beyond the Standard Model
5:00M.-H. Schune Review on B0d and B0s mixing measurements
5:30G. Blaylock In Search of Charm Mixing
Thursday, July 10 [Index by Name] [Details]
9:00 amJ. Urheim Tau physics: Recent Past, Foreseeable Future
9:35H. Evans Current Topics in tau Physics
10:10M. Purohit Experimental Review of Charm Hadronic Decays
11:05T. Browder Hadronic B Decays
11:45J. Kroll Lifetimes of B Hadrons
2:00 pmY. Wah Rare K Decays
2:35G. Eigen Review of b-Hadron Spectroscopy
3:00J. Bartelt Charm Hadron Spectroscopy
4:00S. Wagner Production of Heavy Flavors at the Z and Electroweak Couplings
4:30M. Schmidt Production of heavy flavors at hadron machines
5:00C. Grab Heavy Flavour Production at HERA
Friday, July 11 [Index by Name] [Details]
9:00 amM. Narain Top Quark Results from the Tevatron
9:40S. Willenbrock Top quark physics for beautiful and charming physicists
10:10B. Winer Top Physics: Prospects for the Future
11:10D. Marlow Particle Identification Methods in Heavy Flavor Experiments
11:40H. Tajima Comparison of Silicon Vertex Detectors for B-factories
12:10 pmR. Briere Tracking in He-Based Gases: Present and Future Factories
2:00 S. Paul Future Fixed Target Charm - Experiments
2:25P. Oddone Future e+e- facilities for B physics
3:00P. Karchin Future hadron facilities for B physics

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