Schedule and Scientific Program

The Seventh International Symposium on Heavy Flavor Physics will be held July 7-11, 1997 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The symposium will consist of plenary sessions covering topics of current interest in Charm, Bottom, Top, and Tau Physics. It is open to all physicists with a strong interest in Heavy Flavor Physics.

The symposium will begin with registration and a dinner/reception Monday evening, July 7, on the grounds of the Institute for Theoretical Physics. The reception and registration will last from 5-9 pm, with food available from 6-8:30. The program will then be composed of morning and afternoon plenary sessions Tuesday through Friday.

More details about the scientific program will be posted as they become available. For information about registration, travel, and hotel arrangements, return the symposium's homepage

Tuesday, July 8

9:00 Welcome
Chair: K. Schubert Secretary: T. Hill
9:20 A. Nippe Leptonic decay measurements
9:45 C. Bernard Lattice calculations of decay constants
10:15 Z. Ligeti Semileptonic B decays to excited charm mesons
10:40 Coffee Break
Chair: N. Roe Secretary: T. Hill
11:10 A. Vainshtein HQET and semileptonic form factors
11:40 T. Mannel Heavy quark expansion and inclusive decays
12:10 Lunch
Chair: J. Thaler Secretary: D. Roberts
2:00 J. Flynn Lattice calculations of semileptonic form factors
2:30 L. DiCiaccio Review of measurements of Vcb
3:00 A. Ryd Review of form factor measurements
3:30 Coffee Break
Chair: D. Hitlin Secretary: D. Roberts
4:00 L. Gibbons Review of measurements of Vub
4:30 P. Ball The most promising ways to determine Vub
5:00 A. Sanda Review of techniques for the determination of CKM angles
5:40 End of Session

Wednesday, July 9

Chair: G. London Secretary: J. Gronberg
9:00 J. Smith Recent progress in charmless hadronic B decays
9:45 T. Skwarnicki Review of b->s gamma decays
10:20 Coffee Break
Chair: F. Grancagnolo Secretary: J. Gronberg
10:50 A. Ali Theory of rare B decays
11:35 A. Kagan Theoretical perspective on b->s gluon
12:00 Lunch
Chair: J. Fry Secretary: D. Asner
2:00 J. Hewett B physics beyond the Standard Model
2:35 A. Buras Theoretical review of CKM matrix
3:20 M. Velasco Review of CP violation in kaon decays
3:55 Coffee Break
Chair: D. Koetke Secretary: D. Asner
4:25 R. Fleischer CP violation beyond the Standard Model
5:00 M.-H. Schune Review of Bd and Bs mixing
5:30 G. Blaylock Review of D mixing
5:55 End of Session

Thursday, July 10

Chair: H. Paar Secretary: T. Nelson
9:00 J. Urheim Tau physics: the recent past, the foreseeable future
9:35 H. Evans Current topics in tau physics
10:10 M. Purohit Experimental results on hadronic charm decays
10:45 Coffee Break
Chair: T. Coan Secretary: T. Nelson
11:05 T. Browder Review of results on hadronic B decays
11:45 J. Kroll Review of measurements of b-hadron lifetimes
12:30 Lunch
Chair: G. Boyd Secretary: A. Eppich
2:00 Y. Wah Review of rare kaon decays
2:35 G. Eigen Excited B Hadrons
3:00 J. Bartelt Charm hadron spectroscopy
3:35 Coffee Break
Chair: E. Rosenberg Secretary: A. Eppich
4:00 S. Wagner Production of heavy flavors at the Z and electroweak couplings
4:30 M. Schmidt Production of heavy flavors at hadron machines
5:00 C. Grab Production of heavy flavors at HERA
5:30 End of Session
5:40 Beach Barbecue

Friday, July 11

Chair: F. Bianchi Secretary: N. Kuznetsova
9:00 M. Narain Top quark results from D0/CDF
9:40 S. Willenbrock Top quark: theoretical perspective
10:10 B. Winer Top quark: prospects for the future
10:40 Coffee Break
Chair: L. Lyons Secretary: N. Kuznetsova
11:10 D. Marlow Comparison of particle identification methods in heavy flavor experiments
11:40 H. Tajima Comparison of vertex detectors for B-factories
12:10 R. Briere Tracking in helium-based gases: present and future
12:40 Lunch
Chair: F. Forti Secretary: D. Lange
2:00 S. Paul Future fixed target charm experiments
2:25 P. Oddone Future e+e- facilities for B physics
3:00 P. Karchin Future hadron facilities for B physics
3:35 End of Symposium

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