Arcs Macro Information


We have designed a root macro to make pedestal, noise, pulseheight, gain, pinhole, etc. plots from a root
file created using Aachen's ARCS software 6.0 (beta) which is used to test CMS TOB silicon modules and hybrids.
The ARCS software may be downloaded from here: Aachen ARCS software webpage
Please note that the macro will not work with Aachen software versions prior to 6.0 beta.


The macro's only required argument is a string specifying the name of a configuration file which lists cuts
to be applied when determining faulty channels. We have created a configuration file with cut values that are
optimum for finding faults using the teststand setup at UCSB. We have also created a configuration file that
applies the standard cuts which were defined in Section 5.1.1 of Procedures for Module Tests. Links to the
latest version of the macro and configuration files may be found here: The macro contains detailed instructions describing its usage and the format of the configuration file.
A tar file containing the output created by running this version of the macro on a module at UCSB can be found here:

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Stephen Levy
Anthony Affolder