UCSB Joint HEX-HET seminars

Winter Quarter, 2022
All talks on Mondays, 12 noon, zoom https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/83040728188?pwd=b25vQTZCTWpLZDBlcDJYcnVTTkxVQT09

3 Jan 2022

10 Jan 2022
Ulascan Sarica (UC Santa Barbara) Probing BSM with the Higgs boson width at CMS
17 Jan 2022
MLK Jr. Holiday

24 Jan 2022

31 Jan 2022
Ben Grinstein (UC San Diego)
The neutron decay anomaly, and dark neutron decays
7 Feb 2022
Cristina Botta (Zurich)
The CMS Trigger for HL-LHC
14 Feb 2022
Stephanie Wissel (Penn State)
21 Feb 2022
Julia Gonski (Columbia)
Searching for Uncovered and Unexpected New Physics Signatures with the ATLAS Experiment
28 Feb 2022
Valentina Dutta (UC Santa Barbara)
7 March 2022