UCSB Joint HEX-HET seminars

Winter Quarter, 2023
All talks on Mondays, 1 PM on ZOOM and/or in Broida 3302. https://ucsb.zoom.us/j/88550954551?pwd=NkttaVk2VTJkQmV3NEp6dm1YcldPQT09

12 Jan 2022
Dan Kodroff (Penn State)
Background Modeling and First Results From The LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Experiment [special time: 12 PM Thursday!]
16 Jan 2022
No Seminar - MLK Holiday
23 Jan 2023
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Simon Knapen (LBNL) Opportunities for data scouting at ATLAS, CMS & LHCb
30 Jan 2023
6 Feb 2023
13 Feb 2023
TBA Yikun Wang (Caltech) TBA
20 Feb 2023
27 Feb 2023

6 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023
Noam Levi (Tel Aviv University) TBA

Fall Quarter, 2022

26 Sep 2022

3 Oct 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Mikael Mieskolainen (Imperial College London)
Geometric Deep Learning for Dark QCD Searches
10 Oct 2022

17 Oct 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Anindita Maiti (Northeastern Univeristy) A Study of Neural Network Field Theories
24 Oct 2022
ZOOM-only Fan Gao (University of Pittsburgh)
Muon antineutrino charged-current neutral pion production cross-section measurement in NOvA
31 Oct 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Clara Murgui (Caltech)
Interpretations of the B anomalies: new physics at the TeV scale?
7 Nov 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Soubhik Kumar (UC Berkeley)
Heavy Axions across Frontiers: Searches at X-ray/Gamma-ray Telescopes and Beam Dump Facilities
10 Nov 2022
ZOOM-only Asish Moharana (GSSI, INFN - LNGS)
High light yield liquid argon detectors with SiPM-based readout [special time: 12 PM Thursday!]
14 Nov 2022
ZOOM-only Simone Gennai (Milano)
Use of Anomaly Detection algorithms to unveil new physics in Vector Boson Scattering
21 Nov 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOM Tamas Vami (Johns Hopkins)
Search for Heavy Stable Charged Particles in CMS
28 Nov 2022
Broida 3302 & ZOOMDavid Vannerom (Vrije University, Brussels) Searching fractionally charged particles with the CMS detector
5 Dec 2022
ZOOM-only Taylor Contreras (Harvard) The NEXT Best Thing: Searching for the Nature of Neutrinos
12 Dec 2022
ZOOM-only Chandiprasad Kar (NISER, India) Recent studies of B → μ+ μ− and B0s → φμ+μ− rare decays using CMS Run 2 data
19 Dec 2022
ZOOM-only Chamindu Amarasinghe (Michigan) Expansive Dark Matter Searches with LZ

Spring Quarter, 2022

28 Mar 2022

4 Apr 2022
11 Apr 2022
Akash Dixit (University of Chicago)
Searching for Dark Matter with a Superconducting Qubit
18 Apr 2022
Ciaran O'Hare (Sydney University)
Directional detection for dark matter, neutrinos and BSM physics [special time: 2 PM PT]
25 Apr 2022
Kevin Kelly (CERN)
The Forward Physics Facility
2 May 2022
Neha Santpur (UC Berkeley)
Search for non-pointing and delayed photons using the ATLAS detector
9 May 2022
Joshua Hiltbrand (Univ. of Minnesota)
Under the Radar: Searching for Stealthy Supersymmetry
16 May 2022
Dan Zhang (University of Maryland)
fermionic sub-MeV dark matter on electron targets
23 May 2022

30 May 2022
Memorial Day
6 June 2022
Anne Norrick (Fermilab)
The NOvA Experiment

Winter Quarter, 2022

3 Jan 2022

10 Jan 2022
Ulascan Sarica (UC Santa Barbara) Probing BSM with the Higgs boson width at CMS
17 Jan 2022
MLK Jr. Holiday

24 Jan 2022

31 Jan 2022
Ben Grinstein (UC San Diego)
The neutron decay anomaly and dark neutron decays
7 Feb 2022
Cristina Botta (Zurich)
The CMS Trigger for HL-LHC
14 Feb 2022
Stephanie Wissel (Penn State)
Tuning into the Highest Energy Cosmic Neutrinos
21 Feb 2022
Julia Gonski (Columbia)
Searching for Uncovered and Unexpected New Physics Signatures with the ATLAS Experiment
28 Feb 2022
Valentina Dutta (UC Santa Barbara)
Search for dark matter with LDMX
7 March 2022
Carlos Vazquez Sierra (CERN) Hunting for Stealth New Physics at the LHCb experiment
14 March 2022
Gino Isidori (Zurich)
B flavor anomalies